P & T Technology (Pty) Ltd will remain an Institution of Occupational Excellence and be a nationally recognized leader of training, development and assessment center in the Electrical, Instrumentation, Fitting and Millwright industry by 2021


    P & T Technology (Pty ) Ltd.’s mission is to provide applied tertiary education to empower people to succeed in workplace roles in professions, para-professions, trades and technicians roles – for both entry level and development. We undertake applied research that benefits industries and professions and provide our communities with knowledge and skills to assist social and economic development.


    The following core values are expected from all our team at all times. These values are to be expressed in our day to day actions and decisions, and our interactions with others.

  • Respect

    We respect people and their opinions
    We respect differences and skill diversity
    We recognise that all people have valuable contributions to make

  • Integrity

    We communicate and act in an open, honest, ethical and transparent manner
    We aim to meet our promises
    We are trustworthy – we mean what we say
    We make decisions on merits, based on facts, logic and process

  • Team Work

    We create an effective and supportive team environment,
    We use and foster creativity and innovation

  • Commitment and Responsiveness

    We demonstrate motivation and commitment to our role
    We are committed to being responsive to the needs of internal and external stakeholders
    We aim to be timely and efficient

  • Flexibility and Innovation

    We are open to changes that may help achieve our goals
    We encourage innovation and ideas

  • Partnership

    We work in partnership with business and industry professionals, learners, students, and other providers.

  • Accountability

    We take responsibility for our actions and decisions
    We demonstrate leadership

  • Excellence

    We strive for quality and excellence in our actions every day.
    We are committed to high performance and professionalism.

  • Customer and Quality Policy

    We will meet or exceed our customer’s expectations by continuously improving our processes and services.
    We work in partnership with business and industry professionals, learners, students, and other providers.